Judge Hal Greenwald.


Judge Greenwald is a compassionate, just, accomplished and experienced Judge, who’s impressive legal career spans over 25 years

A 40-year resident of Westchester County, Judge Greenwald is a child of the 60s and has always been inspired by the activism and spirit of that era. It was this cultural movement that motivated him to pursue a degree in law, at Pace University. 

In all aspects of his legal career, Judge Greenwald has sought to help people. From his early days as a legal associate, to his 18+ years as a sole practitioner, the notion of helping others is what drove him further, and to ultimately pursue a judgeship. 


In 2011 Judge Greenwald was elected as NYS Family Court judge, garnering over 120,000+ votes. In his 7 years as a Family Court Judge, he has presided over 15,000+ dockets and determined hundreds of proceedings concerning abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, child custody and visitation, and domestic violence. He has compiled written decisions and decided Orders to Show Cause, Motions & Writs. He has helped literally thousands of people.

Helping people is what Judge Greenwald has done, what he loves doing, and what he hopes to do for many years to come, hopefully as a NYS Supreme Court Justice.